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Hello.  I am known as DM Fester.  Welcome to my Roleplaying Universe.  This is a place for all roleplayers both new and old to come and enjoy all that D&D has to offer.  If you are here it is because I invited you to participate in something involved here.  Please follow the rules and no one will have to get hurt.
Games Run By Me:
Aspiring Adventurers-- A game specifically designed with the newbie in mind.  Begin your life as a twelve year old and grow into whatever you wish.

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Games Run By My Peers
Heroes Eve--DM Seth--20 or so years after Heroes Dawn, a comet on a collision course for earth awakens more mutant genes in humanity.  A second generation of metas are born, are you one of them?--Currently Playing + Accepting
Vanished--DM Seth--People have been vanishing throught all the realms.  Several groups have been sent out to find the 'vanished' people.  This si the story of two groups who have banded together to solve the kidnappings, and bring home their respective loved ones.  They have found their way to a new realm, one where they are cut off from everyone and everything they know.  Can they survive?--For Reading Only
X Marks the Spot--DM Joyleaf--Description: Join the hunt for the 'treasure' of The Game and win BIG! Or die trying. This is an AD&D 2nd ed game with a good group of players--For reading Only
Backfire Wish--DM mlakuth--Description: Outcast from the havens a single immortal seeks his vengeance on the Gods and the destruction of the world. And the only thing that stands between him and his true power is the four scrolls Kadorian that has been blessed to an unlikely group of hero's.--For Reading Only

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Ever thought about being a DM?  Need direction?  Need a mentor?  Swing on by the Roleplayinggames network for all the help you could ever need.

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